Sulkavan Palvelut Oy

Sulkavan Palvelut Oy

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Sulkavan Palvelut Oy was founded on 1 January 2008. The operation of the company partly covers the same tasks which the technical service of the municipality used to take care of.

The job areas of Sulkavan Palvelut Oy include: zoning and measuring, centralised food services, real estate services, traffic routes and common areas, public utility enterprises and services, and water and sewerage system operations. Sulkavan Palvelut Oy also produces part of the IT services the municipality needs.

Kauppatie 1,
58700 Sulkava


Managing director
Jukka Partanen
Tel. +358 44 417 5240
Planning engineer
Simo Kaksonen
Tel. +358 44 417 5243
Office Manager
Liisa Kukkonen
Tel. +358 44 417 5241
IT support
Sisko Karppinen