Welcome to Sulkava!


The beautiful nature in Sulkava provides a stunning setting for outdoor activities in the marked hiking trails, skiing tracks and canoeing routes. The canoeing route from Juva to Sulkava, the Squirrel Route, spirals along rivers and small lakes. The paddler is in the middle of the genuine Lake Finland, and the route is suitable for canoeing with the family. For fishing enthusiasts, there is an undivided lure fishing area of 16,000 hectares in the Lake Saimaa, in the water ways above and below Vekara. For rowers and other boaters, there is plenty of water area; it forms 25 % of the area of the municipality. There is altogether 1,100 km of shoreline.

Every year numerous public events are organised in Sulkava. The Sulkava Rowing Race at the second weekend of July gathers rowing enthusiasts to Sulkava.