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Waste management

Waste transport organised in Sulkava is done on a contractual basis, as decided by the municipal council, which means that the manager of a real estate's waste makes a waste transport agreement with a transport company operating within the area of the municipality.

Next, some alternatives on how a resident can join in the organised waste transport service

  1. Real estate specific waste transport

    Each real estate organises a competitive bidding for the companies offering transport services. The transport company collects the waste from the real estate. Real estates can also have a common waste container. In holiday residences a transport agreement can, for instance, be made to cover the summer months only.
  1. A common container (road maintenance association, neighbour, etc.)

    A common container established with an agreement with a permanent resident, or a common container of a road maintenance association, and other such alternatives fulfil the requirements set by the obligation of joining.

Eco fee

Since the beginning of 2010, an eco fee has been taken into use in the area of the Sulkava municipality, and it concerns all permanent and holiday residences.

The eco fee is used to cover the costs of maintaining eco points and other costs arising from organised waste collection, and the collection of hazardous waste in the sparsely populated area.

The eco fee of 2010 is charged in spring 2011, and at the same time, the regional waste payments of 2010 are charged.

Unfortunately, some incorrect information has remained in the real estate register used as basis for the eco fee invoicing, and this will be corrected once the invoice clerk is informed of the error.

We are sorry about the inconvenience caused by fixing the errors.

Eco fee rates:

  • permanent residence         25€ (incl. VAT 23 %)
  • holiday residence         15€ (incl. VAT 23 %)
  • row house residence         15€ (incl. VAT 23 %)
  • flat         15€ (incl. VAT 23 %)

Further information about waste collection available from the environmental secretary (Mon–Tue) tel. +358 50 406 0235 and about transport agreements from Sulkavan jätehuolto Ky tel. +358 400 757 518.

Waste Water Adviser

Teemu Oittinen
Tel. +358 44 417 4688