The primary school operates in the village centre of Sulkava and in Lohilahti. In the village centre, there are also the lower and upper secondary schools. The lower secondary school, upper secondary school, and the primary school in the village centre all operate in the same facility, which is called Central school.

The primary schools in Sulkava are small, comfortable country schools, where teaching takes place in a peaceful, home-like environment.

In the primary school in the village centre there is a special education group, where assisted teaching services are provided by a special education teacher and school assistant..

Neighbourhood school definition of the Sulkava municipality

Education and Culture Committee 10 Jan 2007 / § 7 (NOTE! After the organisational changes, the tasks of the Education and Culture Committee are taken care of by the Health Care and Social Services Board)


Preschool education is provided in the daycare Touhula in the village centre, and at the primary school Lohilahti in the sparsely populated area.

Morning and afternoon activities for schoolchildren

Municipal daycare, preschool education, and morning and afternoon activities of schoolchildren all belong to the domain of early childhood education.

Children's daycare is considered early childhood education, where child care, education, and teaching are emphasised. Early childhood education supports a child's growth and development; it is a conscious and target-oriented activity. The primary responsibility for upbringing is with the home and the parents.

A daycare agreement is made for the care and education of each child, where the times of care and other matters related to practical care situations are agreed upon.

Comprehensive school plan

The Sulkava municipality plans to migrate into a comprehensive school system.