Citizen Services - easily available and functioning customer service

What are Citizen Services?

Citizen Services are a way to offer public administration and other services at one centralised service point, near the people. The co-operation of municipal and state service providers can secure diverse services of high quality, and ensure they are available both in sparsely populated areas and in population centres - near the customer. Citizen Services are based on the law, and the operational model of Citizen Services begins from the one who needs the services, the customer.

At its best, a Citizen's Service Point is a "one window" service point, where residents are served in all essential public administration related matters.

At a Citizen's Service Point the customer receives information, consultation, and guidance. Documents are received and granted, and the customer can institute most common public administration related matters.

Citizen Services have their own national identifier, which is easy to remember, a "paper clip sign". The identifier conveys a message of the existence of Citizen Services, a Citizen's Service Point, and the service available there.

The clerk working at a Citizen's Service Point is called a service adviser.

Citizen's Service Point at Sulkava

The Citizen's Service Point is located in a central location in the second floor of the municipal government office. The Citizen's Service Point provides the services of Social Insurance Institution, Police, Employment and Economy Administration.

There is a customer terminal with on Internet connection in the lobby of the Citizen's Service Point, freely available for the customers. When necessary, the service adviser guides the customer with the use of the electronic services. Another customer terminal will be installed in the near future.

The Citizen's Service Point also has a video conference room, which will enable remote service connections in the future.

There is unobstructed access to the Citizen's Service Point, there are automatic sliding doors, and parking places for the disabled behind the office, near the service point. There is also a lift in the municipal government office, and toilet facilities for customers/the disabled.