Building and housing

The task of public building is to support and promote good building methods, as well as the creation and maintenance of a good environment and environmental image. It also supervises implementation during construction and the maintenance of the constructed environment.

Building Inspector takes care of:

  • building permits
  • planning permissions
  • notifications of actions
  • grants continuations for building permits
  • provides statements on behalf of the municipality for exception applications, the decisions of which are part of the jurisdiction of environmental centres.
  • private road issues

Office secretary takes care of:

  • minutes of meetings
  • building permits
  • environmental permits
  • private road subsidies
  • addresses in sparsely populated areas


Building office
Kauppatie 1, III floor
58700 Sulkava


Building inspector
Heikki Virta
Tel. +358 44 417 5230
Office secretary
Emmi Tiimonen
Tel: +358 44 417 5285
Environmental secretary
Timo Hämäläinen
Tel. +358 50 406 0235