Holiday residents

This site contains useful information and links for holiday residents.
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Sulkavan Apteekki, address Kauppatie 4, tel. +358 15 471054, Open Mon-Fri 9 am - 5 pm, Sat 9 am - 2 pm


tel. +358 44 417 2051

Internet connections

Sulkava library has several Internet terminals available, tel. +358 44 417 5341.

Drinking-water points

In the village centre, there are drinking-water points in front of both grocery shops.

Waste management

The link provides information about waste management.

Waste Water Adviser project

Päivi Karhunen, Waste Water Adviser, available at the municipal government office, tel. +358 50 311 7135, e-mail Water Adviser project).

Well water

The recommendation is to have the well water inspected every three years. Contact the Health Inspector tel. +358 400 252 867 or +358 44 417 2596.

Social Insurance Institution

The services of the Social Insurance Institution are available at the Citizen's Service Point in the municipal government office, tel. +358 44 417 5337.

Summer resident event

The municipality organises an event for holiday residents in the summer, where the holiday residents can enjoy a nice programme, and each other's company. The event has typically been organised at the beginning of July. More information closer to the event.

Tax on property

The property tax percentage of a holiday home is 1.00.


The Sulkava library services are also available for holiday residents, tel. +358 44 417 5341.

Sports facilities

Click the link to see the sport facilities available in the municipality.

Summer house janitors

  • Hämäläinen Jeri, Jokilahdentie 219, Lohilahti, tel. +358 500 805803
  • Pelkonen Pasi, Tiiterontie 28, Sulkava, tel. +358 50 5528054
  • Tmi Hannu Leinonen, Pieksänlahdentie 129, Sulkava, tel. +358 50 5428050
  • Sulkavan Oravanpesät, Kalajärventie 16, Sulkava, tel. +358 50 3401943
  • Tiimonen Antero, Lukkarilantie 41, Telakanava, tel. +358 500 460163
  • Tmi Mikko Tiainen, Leipämäentie 991b, Sulkava, tel. +358 50 3579469

Chimney sweeping

Cleaning of fireplaces, smoke flues, etc. at Sulkava are done by Savon nuohous ja ilmastointi, Harri Mäkelä, tel. +358 500 154316.

Service directory

Sulkava companies and service providers are collected in the directory. Click the link to access the directory.


Cash dispenser "Otto" on the K-Market Wiljami wall at the side of Alanteentie.

Sulkavan Osuuspankki, address Alanteentie 28, tel. +358 10 2564801.

Post office (postal and travel services)

Sulkavan Verkko & Paita, address Alanteentie 36, tel. +358 15 676232
Kyläkauppa Rissanen Oy, address Lohilahdentie 1910, Lohilahti tel. +358 15 673174

Building permits

Click the link for more information about applying for a building permit.


The electricity company of the area is Suur-Savon Sähkö.

Health Centre

Address Terveystie, tel. +358 44 4172074

Road matters

Private road issues are handled by the Building Board.
Veikko Virtanen, Building Inspector, tel. +358 44 417 5230, Merja Kontturi, Office Secretary, tel. +358 40 161 5006.