Contact people in the municipality:

Oili Tikka, Living Environment Developing Coordinator, tel. +358 44 417 5212
Municipal Manager, tel. +358 44 4175201
Maisa Kokki, Office Secretary, tel. +358 44 4175213

A business adviser is responsible for the development of business in accordance with the municipality's business strategy, e.g. municipal marketing, different projects of the municipality and business administration, maintenance of networks and connections with different actors, co-ordination of business counselling services, and co-ordination of the services of municipal travel administration services.

Municipal support to entrepreneurs

The business administration supports the maintenance of entrepreneurs'' professional skills, e.g. by compensating part of the participation fees of entrepreneur's training sessions. It also supports the employment of young people by paying a small compensation to entrepreneurs for employing young people in the summer time.

Counselling services for start-up companies

Markku Savola is available on the 2nd floor of the Sulkava municipal government office on Fridays, and by agreement, tel. +358 40 717 7605, e-mail: markku.savola(a)walakky.fi.

Distribution of businesses in Sulkava

  • Agriculture and forestry 21.1 %
  • Processing 17.9 %
  • Services 59.3 %
  • Other 1.7 %

Industrial jobs are divided into graphical, textile, metal, and prefabrication industry. Construction of wooden boats employs many Sulkava residents.

The business administration of the municipality has purchased 2 workstations/remote work points for residents at the Sulkava library, inquiries tel. +358 44 417 5341.