Contact information

Sulkava municipality
Kauppatie 1
PO Box 25
58700  Sulkava

Tel: +358 15-527 5200
Fax: +358 15-525 0267

E-mail: kirjaamo(a)
((a) = @)

The doors of the municipal government office are open Mon–Fri 8 am–3:15 pm.

The switchboard is open 8:45 am–11 am and 12 pm–3 pm

The Citizen's Service Point (Social Insurance Institution, Police, Employment and Economy Administration services, municipal information) and Health Care and Social Services office are open 9 am–11 am and 12 am–3 pm.

Other offices: The lunch time is flexible 11 am - 12:30 pm; during that time there may not be anyone available at the offices.