Municipal Manager

Sulkava is a peaceful rural community of about 3,000 inhabitants. An easy-going lifestyle and a lively summer with plenty of events are combined here. The Sulkava Rowing Race is known everywhere in Finland, and we are an active summer locality. In the summer, the population of the municipality indeed multiplies thanks to summer residents.

Business operations are focused on small entrepreneurship and agriculture, but Sulkava also has the Marimekko factory with a factory outlet, a printing press, metal industry know-how, and one of the few map service companies operating outside the capital area. There are also several restaurants and travel companies in the municipality. We also have, for example, a rowing stadium, boating centre, hill fort, stunning Vilkaharju sceneries, and plenty of Lake Saimaa for everyone.

As a municipality, our aim is to profile as a residential locality, above all, where people of all ages have good prerequisites for a great life, and we welcome both regular and summer residents. We have high quality municipal services; Sulkava has its own health centre, an upper secondary school, adult education centre activities, and a library. The magnificent outdoors of the island municipality offers marked ski tracks, hiking and canoeing routes for everybody, not the mention the boating opportunities Saimaa offers. In our services, we use the latest technology, as an example, the track mapping service of the ski routes. In Sulkava it is possible to combine living near the nature and city-like services. Municipal services, even a sports hall, can be found in our own parish centre.

In short, Sulkava is a great place to enjoy life. Sulkava is a human-size solution.

You are welcome to come and enjoy Sulkava!